Conceptual site model
A representation which sets out the critical pollutant 
linkages of concern for a particular land contamination
problem. It crystallises understanding of what needs to
be done to achieve risk management, and from this point appropriate
remediation techniques for those risk management goals
can be chosen
The Conceptual site Model (CSM) is one of the primary planning 
tools that can be used to support the decision making process
managing contaminated land and groundwater on a large scale.
The CSM organizes available information about a site in
a clear and transparent structure and facilitate the identification
of data and information gaps. Once the CSM is established,
additionally needed data can be gathered and integrated
in the CSM, followed by a revision of the CSM and a refinement
of decision goals, if required. Thus, the CSM matures and
enables an improved understanding of the site characteristics,
such as contamination status, receptor profiles, etc.,
and the re-adjustment of decision criteria.
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