Information management systems UK
A computer program (consisting of data storage systems, 
software and services, providing automated networked
storage solutions ) that lets one or more computer users
create and access data in a database.
Many government and private organisations have developed 
or are developing site specific data management and display
systems for decision support. Through the visualisation
and graphical representation of data these systems can
enable a more thorough conceptual understanding of the
site and the risks involved than is possible from the written

Systems are able to hold, display, and manipulate diverse
data to provide information such as:

i. geology and hydrogeology;
ii. topography;
iii. the location, nature and extent of contaminant sources,
plumes and receptors;
iv. site specific soil and groundwater chemistry both
within and outside a plume;
v. potential contaminant pathways to receptor(s) of
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