Monitoring and aftercare
Monitoring is an evaluation to determine whether the remediation 
measures were effective and the remediation objectives
achieved. If the objectives fail, additional performances
are necessary (aftercare).
The relationship of risk management related to the current 
or future use of a site includes an implicit assumption that
land use will not change to one that is more sensitive to any
hazards left in place after remediation work. If a change
to a more sensitive land use takes place, the processes of
risk assessment and risk management must be repeated. Multi-functionality
is where suspected contaminated land was to be cleaned sufficiently
to allow any end use. However, by the end of the 1990s it had
become clear that no country could justify the technical
and economic resources needed. Multi-functionality was
also questioned from the perspective of use of resources
versus sustainable development. It may not be an optimal
use of scarce resources to treat land to a degree that is likely
never to be required, or at least not required for several
decades. An important consequence of the use of risk management
related to site use is that adequate records must be kept
for the future.
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