Brownfields UK
Brownfield sites are sites that have been affected by the 
former uses of the site and surrounding land, are derelict
or underused, may have real or perceived contamination
problems, are mainly in developed urban areas and require
intervention to bring them back to beneficial use.

There is no legal definition of 'brownfield land' in the
UK, but there are a number of government policy initiatives
that refer to the reuse of 'previously developed land'

UK policy is to encourage regeneration of brownfield
sites/previously developed land in order to promote:
  • The economic and social regeneration of the surrounding
  • The environmental improvement of the sites themselves;
  • The reduction in 'development pressure' on greenfield

    This approach is complimented by the UK's risk-based
    approach to the identification, assessment and management
    of contaminated land. Thus, reuse of land is encouraged
    where it can be shown that it is, or can be made, 'suitable
    for use' using risk assessment and risk management techniques.
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