Soil and groundwater processes Hungary
Introduction to physical, chemical and biological processes 
which occur in soil and sediment under the combination of
anthropogenic inputs and natural events (rainfall, infiltration,...)
Groundwaters are representing outstanding natural resources 
in Hungary. More than 95% of drinking water is supplied from
groundwaters. Springs and wells are filling up the swimming
pools in the numerous thermal and medicinal baths. Groundwaters
are being utilized in the industry and in irrigation as well
however to a lesser extent and no extension is justified.
Nevertheless the significance of groundwaters is high
from the point of view of natural vegetation and agriculture
as well: for the optimal water supply of vegetation groundwater
at the proper depth is required. There are several areas
important with a view to nature conservation where the wetness
migrating upwards from the deeper horizons is providing
the sine qua non for special ecosystems. Also captured or
non-captured natural springs may represent special natural
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