Tools and procedures
A document or software produced with the aim of supporting 
decision making, i.e. something that carries out a process
in decision support.
Risk assessment tools are used to determine the level of 
risk to human health and environmental/ecological receptors.
The use of contaminant fate and transport and exposure modelling
is dependent upon the nature of the identified sources,
pathways and receptors.

A risk assessment tool can be any methodology, model or
software package designed to qualify or quantify the risk
posed by a contaminant in evaluating a source-pathway-receptor
linkage. A tool may comprise a suite of risk based screening
values, a methodology with recommended or prescribed algorithms,
or a computer based package that allows site specific risk
assessment to be carried out.
There are several risk assessment tools that have been
developed commercially and many that have been developed
specifically to support the approach to contaminated land
of a particular country or region.
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