Information management systems Hungary
A computer program (consisting of data storage systems, 
software and services, providing automated networked
storage solutions ) that lets one or more computer users
create and access data in a database.
The Hungarian “National Environmental Information System” 
(OKIR) integrates and links together more than 20 environmental
information systems. The central element of OKIR is the
“Basic Environmental Registry” (KAR) that is the common
base for the storage of basic and universally used data,
and it links the individual ISs together.

The most important EUGRIS related ISs are:
- Remediation Information System (KÁRINFO)
- Environmental Register of Ground waters and Geological
Formations (FAVI)
- Soil Protection Information and Monitoring System
- Waste Management Information System (HIR)
- Water Quality Damage Prevention GIS System (VIKÁR)

- Environment Safety Information System (KBIR)
- Environmental Contingency Database for public dissemination
- Registration System of the management and transport
permissions of dangerous wastes (KEZELŐ)
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