Brownfields Hungary
Brownfield sites are sites that have been affected by the 
former uses of the site and surrounding land, are derelict
or underused, may have real or perceived contamination
problems, are mainly in developed urban areas and require
intervention to bring them back to beneficial use.
As a consequence of the industrial development during the 
last centuries, polluted and underutilised regions (Brownfields)
evolved in the world, so thus in Hungary. Brownfields are
defined as unused or significantly underutilized areas
(industrial-, farmyard-, railway-, left off military
area or barracks, etc.) in poor physical and characteristically
polluted state.

In Hungary, there was an economic change and restructuring
during the last 1.5 decade that resulted in higher and higher
number of brownfields that was facilitated by the quick
ownership changes in the country. At the same time, political
changes also significantly affected the regional alterations:
this caused the increase of unused and mostly polluted military
areas and brownfields.
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