Receptor: Water
Entity that may be adversely affected by contact with or 
by exposure to a contaminant of concern, here groundwater
and surface water
Groundwater and subsurface waters accumulate contaminants 
independently of their origin. Water is the vector of transfer
of the pollution towards drinkable water or the food chain'.
The risk assessment for water resources aims to quantify
risk according to the water uses. Therefore, the results
of this risk evaluation will feed other risk assessments
so that is taken into account the whole effects on the identified
targets. The risk assessment can be considered at least
in two phases:
- 1st level based:
- on observations or measures taking account of simple
processes such as dilution, at the place where identified
targets stand;
- or on simple models of transfer.
- 2nd level will integrate complementary processes running
in the behaviour of pollutants or in their transport, namely
the various parameters or physics, chemical or biological
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