Receptor: Ecological
Entity that may be adversely affected by contact with or 
by exposure to a contaminant of concern, here ecology
In the presence of pollutants, ecosystemís species have 
very different sensitivities. Their interrelationship
can create chain reactions.

Risk assessment for the ecosystems is supposed to evaluate
probability that negative effects occur like result of
the exposure to stressing agents.

The objectives of the risk assessment are:
- to determine the real or potential effects of pollutants;

- to evaluate the real or potential threat aiming at a particular
element of the environment;
- to define specific objectives and to establish a set
of priorities of rehabilitation;
- to provide more information to make a decision.

The release factors of the study will be as follows:
- the occurrence:
- of signs of major ecological impacts,
- existence of preserved natural surroundings or protected
- the existence of mediums of transfer and exposure.
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