Monitored Natural Attenuation
Monitored Natural attenuation (MNA) is the monitoring 
of the effects of naturally occurring physical, chemical,
and biological processes or any combination of these processes
to reduce the load, concentration, flux or toxicity of polluting
substances in groundwater in order to obtain a sustainable
remediation objective.
For natural attenuation to be an effective remedial option, 
the rate at which these processes occur, must be sufficient
to prevent polluting substances impacting on identified
receptors and to minimise expansion of contaminant plumes
into unpolluted groundwater.

Natural attenuation therefore describes the effect
of natural processes, whilst monitored natural attenuation
(MNA) is used to refer to the remedial technique, which is
a monitored activity. MNA requires sufficient evidence
to prove that attenuation processes are occurring at a rate
- Protects the wider environment; and
- Achieves the standard of remediation within a reasonable
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