Site investigation France
Site investigation describes the process of carrying out 
investigations on land to determine whether there is contamination
present and to collect sufficient, suitable data for the
purpose of risk assessment. The investigation is normally
carried out in several stages. These stages range from a
desk study and simple visual inspection to full intrusive
investigation using trial pits and boreholes etc and the
sampling and analysis of materials.
Pursuant to the principles of the policy of risk management 
according to use and taking into consideration the possibilities
of acting on uses and on the state of the media, two management
tools are proposed – Media Quality Assessment (MQA) and
the Management Plan. The knowledge of the state of the media
requires the acquisition, organization and interpretation
of field data specific to the site and representative of
the local context. This knowledge must be based on measurements
that do not have to be extensive but must be representative
of the area under consideration. The means employed must
therefore be well-proportioned and suited to the public-health
and environmental situations encountered.
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