Other soil and groundwater contaminants within the context 
of contaminated land, include phenols, pesticides, NSO-compounds,
PCBs, cyanide, arsenic, and a number of emerging contaminants
(estrogens, antibiotics, etc.).
While some of these contaminants are very frequently
identified at contaminated sites (i.e. phenols, NSO-compounds,
and PCBs), others are very seldomly idenfied as deriving
from point sources. However, one of the problems is that
only contaminants which are looked for are identified,
and due to traditional approaches, a number of contaminants
are probably more common than is normally perceived.
it should be noted, that old landfills and hazardous waste
dumps nomally contain most contaminants, and such sources
can be a good indicator for potential point source contaminants
from other sources as well.
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