Nitroaromatics are carcinogenic and mutagenic aromatic 
substances, that are typical contaminants of contaminated
military sites, e.g. 2,4,6-Trinitrotoluene (TNT), 2,4-dinitrotoulene
(DNT), 1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5-triazine (also known as
RDX), cyclotetramethylene tetranitramine (also known
as HMX), some pesticides (atrazine), and a number of anilines.
This group of compounds have been of major concern because 
of the widespread use of these compounds as agrochemicals,
textile dyes, explosives, rocket fuels, etc. These compounds
enter the environment through a number of routes, i.e. as
a result of spills and effluents in connection with manufacturing,
during operations or storage, during rocket launching
around military sites, etc. The degradability of the different
nitroaromatics vary depending on the position of the nitro
group, but results indicate that some nitroaromatic compounds
can be completely mineralized and serve as a carbon and energy
source for both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.
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