Remediation options Hungary
All risk management options that are available and applicable 
to break a pollutant linkage at a site and hence mitigate
harm to a receptor or receptors.
In Hungary, the need for remediation of the geological media 
and subsurface water was first stressed by the subsurface
water pollutions events in the early 1980s (e.g.: pollution
of one of the drinking water resources of city Vác by the Chinoin
factory). In 1980s, more and more prevention actions took
place on water resources, and the damage surveying activities
were also got priority after the leave of the Soviet troops
in 1990s, because in most cases, the geological media and
groundwater resources were found to be in an unfavourable
condition. The process of review was further accelerated
by the environmental audits of industrial factories that
were necessary to the revolution, liquidation and privatisation
of these works. Results of these surveys exhorted the actions
on environmental damage extenuation and remediation.
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