Remediation options France
All risk management options that are available and applicable 
to break a pollutant linkage at a site and hence mitigate
harm to a receptor or receptors.
Many remediation techniques are available at the commercial, 
pilot or research level. A remediation process usually
entails a combination of choices for:

付he medium or media to be treated: soil, groundwater,
surface water
付he location where the medium or media will be treat:
in-situ, on-site, off-site
付he type of action to implement: stabilisation, extraction
or degradation
付he method to use: mechanical, chemical or biological

The final choice will depend on:

付he contaminant (Best Available Techniques - BAT)
付he expected results (cost-benefits analysis - CBA)

付he surroundings
付he population
付he socio-economic context
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Technical summary
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