Remediation options UK
All risk management options that are available and applicable 
to break a pollutant linkage at a site and hence mitigate
harm to a receptor or receptors.
In the context of the Model Procedures for the Management 
of Land Contamination (CLR11) Remediation Options should
be identified for each relevant pollutant linkage identified
at a site. i.e. those pollutant linkages that have been identified
through the process of risk assessment to be causing or having
the potential to cause harm.

A range of process based remediation technologies for
treating contaminated soils are currently available in
England and Wales which, in many instances may fulfil the
pre-treatment requirements of the Landfill Regulations
and in most cases enable re-use of treated soils on site.
The commercial availability of these technologies varies
considerably and may require expansion in order to ensure
that sufficient capacity is available to match the anticipated
demand for pre-treatment of contaminated soils as a result
of the Landfill Directive.
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