Groundwater protection France
Groundwater protection describes the management processes 
by which groundwater quality and resources are protected
against pollution and over-exploitation.
Four hundred and fifty groundwater aquifers have been inventoried 
in France. Two hundred of them are regional exploitable
aquifers containing 2,000 billion m3 of water (100 billion
m3 of water flow towards springs and rivers each year). Individual
well discharge ranges from a few cubic metres to 200 m3 per
Seven billion cubic metres of groundwater are pumped
every year. Half of this is used as drinking water (65 % for
domestic use, 20 % for agriculture, 25 % for industry).
The French water policy combines surface- and ground-water
bodies for a rational management of the resource in a context
of sustainable development. Regulations are continuously
being updated to conform to EC Directives and to resource-protection
and water-quality-improvement objectives.
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