Contaminants Hungary
Any physical, chemical, biological, or radiological substance 
or matter that is in, on or under the land and that has the potential
to cause harm to human health or the environment.
Identification of contaminant spreading takes place with 
sampling, continuous monitoring and modelling techniques.
Spatial concentrations, temporal change, transformation
and degradation have to be examined for the focused area.
This information outlines the type and method of the intervention,
but the standard limit values of contaminant concentrations
also has to be considered to set the extent of clean up.

Government regulation No. 219/2004. (VII. 21.) on the
protection of the subsurface waters covers both subsurface
waters, geological media and contaminant. It also regulates
those activities that have an effect on the status of subsurface
waters or geological media.

Contamination limit values are very important, because
these indicate the targeted or classified status of environmental
elements. The limit value system had been established by
adopting the Dutch and Berlin lists.
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