The Global Contamination Initiative
Leading international contamination experts have called for world-wide action to reduce the impact of man-made chemicals on human health and the environment. 
Warning of growing disease risks from the many tens of thousands of industrial chemicals now circulating round the planet in air, water, food, wildlife and
consumer goods, some of the world’s most eminent contamination scientists have endorsed the launch of a global effort to reduce the scope for harm. “We the participants of the CleanUp 2013 conference support the formation of an international initiative to define contamination problems that have a serious
impact on human health and the environment, identify effective and practical solutions, and share them globally,” reads the statement passed unanimously
by attendees at CleanUp 2013, the world’s largest contamination science meeting. The Global Contamination Initiative (GCI), formed as a result, is a world-wide alliance of scientists, industry and regulators which aims to understand,
curb and clean-up chemical emissions, which are having major health effects around the world. LINK: ...
Global Contamination Initiative Proposal 1185 KB (PDF)
Posted: 30/09/2013 By: Professor Paul Bardos