Profiles available on Country House Gasworks and
Producer Gas Plants.
If you have ever been involved in the investigation of former   
gasworks (manufactured gas plant) sites then these profiles would   
be of interest to you. The profiles detail the types of processes   
and contaminants associated with former gasworks sites which either  
used conventional horizontal retort systems or producer gas plant.  
Dr Russell Thomas 
Producer gas plants started to become popular in the early 1880s and were in extensive use by 1910. As producer gas plants developed from the first plant built by Bischof until their demise in Britain from competing technologies in the mid-20th century, many varied types evolved. 2440 KB (PDF)

One particular aspect of gas manufacture which has often been overlooked was the use of gas in remote country houses. These large properties were often expensive to light using oil lamps and candles, with their owners often keen to have the most up to date technologies used where possible to show their wealth. Coal gas lighting was much cheaper to use than candles or oil lamps and being fixed were relatively safe and actually resulted in lower fire insurance premiums when fitted. 1771 KB (PDF)
Posted: 20/11/2009 By: Dr Russell Thomas