Copies of UK Contaminated Land Guidance Scanned
to PDF (ICRCL Publications and Older CLRs)
Some contaminated land guidance still in use in the UK dates back            
to the 1980s and has not been available in downloadable form, in            
o Contaminated Land Reports (CLRs) 1 to 6 and 12, and           
o Publications of the former Interdepartmental Committee on            
the Redevelopment of Contaminated Land (ICRCL).           
Defra and the Environment Agency have recently completed scanning            
these to PDF, and these are now available for download (see below).       
Please note that the ICRCL publications are now quite old, and            
predate the introduction of the current law and policy on            
contaminated land.  They are included largely for historical interest, or for site managers to see guidance that might have influenced previous decision 
making. There is a good deal of more recent technical guidance available (see Model Procedures link to EUGRIS entry, and ...
. Links to UK contaminated land managment information in EUGRIS can be found at ...
and its subpages (click 'in detail') in the right hand menu. Note re ICRCL 59/83 (trigger values): This note has been withdrawn by Defra and is not be to be used for human health risk assessment purposes. The document is being made available for historical reference purposes only. For further information, see ...
Resources Associated with this news Article:

CLR 1: A framework for assessing the impact of contaminated land on groundwater and surface water. V
CLR 12: A quality approach for contaminated land consultancy.
CLR 2: Guidance on preliminary site inspection of contaminated land. Volume 1&2.
CLR 3: Documentary research on industrial sites.
CLR 4: Sampling strategies for contaminated land. Report by The Centre for Research into the Built E
CLR 5: Information systems for land contamination.
CLR 6: Prioritisation & categorisation procedure for sites which may be contaminated.
ICRCL 17/78 Notes on the development and after-use of landfill sites
ICRCL 18/79 Notes on the redevelopment of gasworks sites
ICRCL 23/79 Notes on the redevelopment of sewage works and farms
ICRCL 42/80 Notes on the redevelopment of scrap yards and similar sites
ICRCL 59/83 Guidance on the assessment and redevelopment of contaminated land
ICRCL 61/84 Notes on the fire hazards of contaminated land
ICRCL 64/85 Asbestos on contaminated sites
ICRCL 70/90 Notes on the restoration and aftercare of metaliferous mining sites for pasture and graz
Posted: 31/10/2006 By: Mr Anthony Bardos